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The Harry Potter fantasy book series has been read by millions around the world, selling over 450 million copies. An excitement has been felt each time a new book was to be released with people lining up to get their hands on a copy of each new book. Dedicated fans of the Harry Potter series worldwide would hold events which would coincide with the midnight release of each new book. These events featured face painting, games, mock sorting and live entertainment. As the popularity of the books rose, they started to be released in film into wildly popular movies. The film rights for the first four Harry Potter books were sold to Warner Bros. in 1998 for one million British Pounds with the stipulation that the entire cast be British.

Audio books have also been released, and these have been listened to by millions of people including those who had already read the books and watched the movies. Two versions of the audio series are available: the US version, narrated by Jim Dale and the UK version narrated by Stephen Fry. Jim Dale has won several awards as a narrator, including seven Audie Awards and a Grammy Award (2000). Stephen Fry narrates the UK version, and there is quite a bit of controversy over who does the better narration. It comes down to which actor’s voice a person prefers, and this is a matter of personal choice.

The Harry Potter audio books are popular because they help to bring the characters to life in the novel to the point where they are vividly described, giving the listener a visual picture so that they can enjoy the story. These audio series have a unique draw as the narrator can create a unique visual picture that makes the story clear and easy to follow, even for the youngest of readers. The narrated version of a book helps to add a special depth to the characters and keep the listener interested. Many parents agree that it is a great way to get their children off to sleep at night, with an MP3 player and some headphones.

Joanne Rowling (J.K. Rowling) is the author of this popular series. At the time that she began writing Harry Potter, she was separated, had a child and was unemployed. She described herself at the time as being as poor as one could be in modern Britain without being homeless. Rowling spent a great deal of time in cafes writing her novels because she said it was the best way to take her baby out for a walk and so that she would fall asleep. Forbes named her as the first person to become a US currency billionaire through writing in 2004, but Rowling disputed that, saying while she had plenty of money she was not a billionaire.

Once a single parent, Rowling is the president of a charity called Gingerbread for the aid of one parent families. She also sold some works in 2001 for an anti-poverty fundraiser and contributed a foreword to a novel called “Magic” which is an anthology of fiction which is meant to raise money for the National Council for One Parent Families.

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If you want to listen to an audiobook series that will capture you by the throat from beginning to end, the Harry Potter audiobook series is one set that will not disappoint. Whether you prefer Stephen Fry or Jim Dale, both series are widely available and are sure to delight and please. If you have never read the original books, this audio feast is sure to draw you into the magical world of Harry Potter like nothing you have ever seen or heard before. If you have read all of the books and seen all of the movies the Harry Potter audiobook series is sure to change your view of the series and provide a different angle. This is an excellent series to try and enjoy, so don’t hesitate to purchase it and get started with this intense listening delight today.

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